Lyle Taylor is everything that Celtic fans hate and detest

With the rumour that former Charlton striker Lyle Taylor is on Celtic's radar, the news didn't sit pretty with Celtic fans.

Celtic as a club, as an institution was found to help alleviate the poor in Glasgow. Since those days, Celtic have continued to be a beacon of hope for the poor not only in Glasgow, not only in Scotland, but across the world.

The current threat from the Coronavirus pandemic saw the reigning Scottish champions donate £600,000 to their charity foundation to use to help those in need during this dangerous and chaotic time.

But if we are to believe the latest goings on with Celtic’s recruitment policy, the club has former Charlton striker Lyle Taylor in their radar after negotiations with veteran Scotland striker Steven Fletcher collapsed after the club refused to offer a two year contract - just as they had done with Craig Gordon given his age.

Before I get into the nitty gritty of Taylor away from the pitch, looking at Taylor’s football career he looks to be a journeyman footballer with 10 clubs under his belt in 13 years - with spells at Falkirk and Partick Thistle.

During his three years at AFC Wimbledon, he became their club record Football League goalscorer with 44 goals, and the Dons’ highest scorer in their Football League era with 55 goals in all competitions.

And last season, Taylor scored 11 goals in 22 appearances in all competitions. But it was the end of his time at Charlton that leaves a major sour taste in the mouth.

Following the lifting of the lockdown in England and ahead of the resumption of the 2019-20 EFL Championship season, Taylor refused to play for the club in case he picked up an injury and a month later left the English side after his contract expired and Charlton were relegated.

Having such a player coming into our team is very divisive and it is not something we need going into one of the most important years in the club’s history as we look to secure an historic ten league titles in a row and beat Jock Stein’s record. His behaviour and decision to turn his back on the club paying his wages at a time when they needed their star player the most doesn’t install trust or respect. What would his future team mates or manager think about that?

I certainly wouldn’t like to rely on him when the going gets tough - as he looks to be the player that puts his own self-interests above the team.

There’s no denying that he is a good goalscorer for the lower leagues of the English game and scored a few goals in his time up in Scotland - but is he Celtic quality? I’d rather stick with Bayo and Klimala than twist and go with Taylor.

And that is before we discuss his politics and his shameful comments about ‘entities’ pissing his taxes down the drain.

In a twitter spat with former Celtic and Charlton striker Tony Watt, Taylor blasted: “Amazing how people expect me to be happy about paying more tax... I’m not a millionaire. I don’t come from money. I have gone out and made mine in this world. Why on earth would I WANT to pay more tax to entities who piss it down the drain?

“There isn’t and has never been a government that will suit everyone, my opinion is MINE. I don’t impose it on others, I simply ask to be respected. It doesn’t matter to me if people don’t agree... It’s MY OPINION.”

Yes Taylor, may have not came from money nor is he a millionaire and he may have went out into the world and made it - but that doesn’t give him the right to label anyone ‘entities’ or jump to the conclusion that those who are unemployed and/or battling against poverty are all pissing the money down the drain. How dare he in fact.

There are families up and down this country battling poverty, having to rely on food banks and hand outs from family and friends, because his beloved Tory party has pushed them to the brink of disaster with their policies, with their lies, failures and targeting of the poor to help the rich.

Taylor’s politics and his comments are in stark contrast to Celtic’s own politics and charitable status as well as its left wing supporter base.

I fully understand that Celtic as a club is open to all - no matter their creed, colour, religion or beliefs - but Taylor’s 1% mentality is a clear violation of Celtic’s core beliefs and it won’t sit pretty with the fans if the club does indeed snap up Taylor.

Thankfully, at the time of writing this it looks like the Sky Sports report on Taylor was false and that Celtic have no interest in the striker.

That will be music to the ears of the fans. Here’s hoping!

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